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We provide the support to all aspects of services. Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Poland, Cyprus,Turkey are the best platform for higher education among the Eastern/ Central European countries and an exciting place for business and tourism. In these countries, as in other developed countries, higher education is considered to be one of the main values. These countries have inherited from the past, a very well-developed and multi-functional system of higher education. The establishment of the higher education system is based on good legislative and methodological grounds.

This provides for an entirely new qualitative level of expert’s training, increase in academic and professional mobility of graduates, greater openness, democratic principles of teaching and raising the youth and accession of their Universities into the world community. We all know that admission to Medical, Engineering/ Technical and Economic Universities has been tough all the times due to the competitions of high grades, inaccessible financial involvements and government’s awkward educational policies. Not so in these countries.

Who We Are

OJ Trans-Atlantic Consulting LLC is a famous company which provides high quality education for foreign students from ASIA, AFRICA, MIDDLE EAST who wish to migrate/study in Eastern and Central Europe ( Belarus , Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania, Poland, France, Turkey, Cyprus ). We provide only the best services for international students. OJ Trans-Atlantic Consulting has an excellent and outstanding history with a great number of amazing testimonials from students.

The company was founded in the United States of America(USA) and with Offices in Europe, Africa, Asia and since then we have successfully supported students from different countries.

Students can apply through us into various specialties such: MBBS( Medicine), Pharmacy, Dentistry, Engineering, Management, Finance, E.T.C. We will take care of you during all the educational application and admission process!

About Us

OJ Trans-Atlantic also offers a unique opportunity ( FRANCE TRANSFER PROGRAM ) for our International students who commences their study in Belarus in the field of ( Engineering , Business ) to be able to Transfer to University in FRANCE after their first 2 years of study in BELARUS to complete their final year Bachelors degree in France. The Students have the option to engage in a paid Internship during their transfer study program there and can seek full time employment in France and in other European Union countries!


Typical to the French higher education system all the students will receive industry funding, housing grants and most importantly are offered the same tuition fees as local French students in France.

Students who are keen to commence a career in: Business Management focusing on marketing, International Business, Finance, Digital Transformation, Business Excellence, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Food & Wine Management, French Luxury and Fashion, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence can join this program.

For our Business / Management and Finance Students in UKRAINE, we also offer a ( POLAND TRANSFER PROGRAM ) for them to complete their Study in POLAND.

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